What’s it about?

150 Stories of Peace is an initiative led by CPNV to collect stories of peacemaking as part of the city-wide “SB150″ celebrations. 

We’re collecting everyday stories of peacemaking by people from South Bend:
-finding a creative way to resolve a conflict, dispute, or argument
-offering forgiveness
-building community across traditional dividing barriers
-reconciling with someone
-choosing peace over violence

Stories can be submitted in a variety of ways:
-written story submission (maximum 500 words)
-interviews (which can be conducted by request and recorded as: written, audio, or video)
-audio submission
-video submission
-photograph with caption

All submissions and questions can be emailed to: SB150peace@gmail.com
While the project has officially concluded, your stories can still be submitted for future publication on the website.

How do you get involved?
1) Submit a story!! We all have a story of peace. We may have helped our children resolve a disagreement, chose to listen to someone with a different perspective from us, decided to use words instead of violence to end a conflict, brought people together across dividing lines, or even did something large and courageous among large groups of people. We want to hear your story! Send us your story, or your questions – to SB150peace@gmail.com.

2) Stay up to date on efforts by joining CPNV’s email list (by sending a request to info@cpnv.net), and joining the CPNV facebook page, and the peace stories project page.

All submissions will need to complete a Peace Stories Release Form for inclusion in the project. For those who are conducting or participating in an interview, or submitting a video or audio recording, the Peace Stories Interview Data Form is additionally needed.  Completed forms can be sent to CPNV, P.O. Box 1584, South Bend, IN 46634.

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