South Bend Code School

This summer the South Bend Code School ( launched it’s pilot program which consisted of teaching Children at the Robinson Community Learning Center how to code. The kids we worked with built web applications for the City of South Bend centered around preventing violence. Four applications were built in total.
1) Positive Effects: A graffiti tagging application where the user can post images using their phone or mobile device of graffiti in the community. The geolocation technology in the phone marks where the graffiti is geographically and users can see images of the graffiti around town. They can also tell if the graffiti is good (green pin) or bad (red pin).
The reason this application was built was because we talked about how violence occurs around where graffiti tagging happens. Check it out at
2) South Bend Solutions: This application was built to “put a face to those that violence effects”. People can get onto this website to post a picture of themselves and write a short story about how violence has effected them.  The hope for this application was that people would post their stories, and the community could go and read about how violence has effected us as a whole.
3) Finding Your Destination: This application was built as a way for after school programs in the area to log on and post information about their programs.  The hope was that kids would be able to log onto this application and see safe places to go and play basketball, be with friends, or just generally be kids.
4) Stop Bullying: This application is an anonymous bullying tip hotline where people can go to report potential violent incidents.
The kids had the chance to present all of these applications to Mayor Pete Buttigeig and were featured on three different news stations. They also went to Google’s offices in Chicago and presented their applications to the folks there as well.
You can see all of the kids, their projects, and the news stories at