Watch community members talk about how they’ve created peace in their own way.

Standing with Sandy Hook (photo)

In December 2012 in South Bend, organized by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the community gathers in response to the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  

Women’s Interfaith Group

Learn about a women’s group that has been bridging faith traditions for over 10 years, here in South Bend. Thanks to Parveen Basher, Marzy Bauer, Rabia Yasmin Shariff, and Sueann Von Gunten for sharing with us!

Unity Gardens

Learn about how Unity Gardens started, and their contribution to our community! For more information about Unity Gardens, please visit their website at  

Boys and Girls Club

Hear what some of our young community members think of peace and peacebuilding, and how they can be a part of it too! Thanks to the Boys and Girls Club and the kids who came to speak with us!

Peace and Our Food

Catherine Perry shares a perspective on peace that incorporates the well being of animals and our environment. Thanks to Rama Ganesan for the interview and video.